Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shrek Lives

The YMCA here in Yadkinville has been the center of my weight-loss universe for more than a year now. It is where I have lifted, walked, jogged, twisted, stepped, turned, flopped, huffed and puffed my way into better shape.

Now, it's given me another challenge. A few weeks ago, I noticed that there was going to be a class for beginning runners who wanted to prepare for a 5k. It's a nine-week course that culminates in the Nov. 19 Yadkin Go Far 5k. I was all over it, and now that it has actually began, I'm very glad that I signed up. Just one class last week helped me tremendously in the Victory Junction fundraiser Saturday.

There are six or seven people in the class, plus the instuctor. It didn't take long to notice, however, that i was ... well ... the only guy. I'm taller than everybody else by several inches and heavier by ... let's not even go there. Among these ladies, I feel like Shrek.

Tonight's instructor was tough, though. First, we went for a jog through the woods and then up the hill from the soccer fields toward the walking track. We did two laps of the half-mile track before she said we were finished. Almost.

Attila (remarkably, not her real name, which is being withheld in order to protect the guilty!!!) made us do sprints. Yes, sprints. Don't worry. It wasn't an aftershock from the East Coast earthquake a few weeks ago. It was just me, running at full tilt.

Heaven help us all ...


  1. Shrek?...only because you're strong! You are awesome, what a journey you're on, and it only gets better from here! You guys really impressed me with your determination! I see great things for this group of runners! I can't wait to work with you again!

    Keep moving,
    Attila LOL

  2. Rick - I'm sorry you're the only guy in our bunch, but you're certainly not the most out of shape, or the slowest! Yeah, those sprints kicked my hiney,...my quads are only beginning to feel their full furry right about,....NOW.
    See you on Saturday!

  3. Fury,...not furry. Course they feel a little furry too,...but that is my own personal hygiene issue.